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=D ^^ Have fun! ^^ =D


:iconcheerplz: ^^ Here you can see which pics I love! ^^ :iconcheerplz:


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Two times! XD

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person must post eleven facts about themselves in their journal.
3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4) You have to choose eleven people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5) Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6) No tag backs.
7) No stuff in the tagging section about "You are tagged if you are reading this."

11 things about me:

1. I love the color pink. |D
2. I'm a lazy fuck! \o3o/
3. I want to lose weight, but my sweettooth gets in the way. =3=
4. I'm in love with a person I met over the internet, but never met in RL... yet. I want to visit her one day, though! >3<
5. I'm afraid of the "Bloody Mary". I blame my ex-boyfriend who told me about her when we were still together. :I Thanks a lot, you dick!
6. I'm afraid of being alone in the dark. ._.
7. I like the taste of my own blood. |D
8. I have a very very dirty mind and it wanders into the gutter very often. =7=
9. I love to annoy my bestie. |D
10. I can't live without music! >3<
11. I fucking love to sing! X3

Now the questions asked by :iconlynx-tiger: ouo :heart:

1. Do you roleplay? If so what got you into it?
I found some stuff of this awesome FB Kuroshitsuji RP group on here and I fell in love with it and wanted to try it too, so I created my Grell account and now, several months later, I have many more accounts, but I'm only using my Kida and Psyche accounts. ouo ... I should delete the other ones eventually... =3=

2. Are you into anime? If so, what's your favorites to list? Yes I want a list! No "it's too long to list"!
Durarara, Kuroshitsuji, Hetalia, Pandora Hearts, Ao no Exorcist, Fairy Tail, Vampire Knight, Bleach, Inuyasha... that's it, I guess. ouo

3. Do you write fanfiction? What's the worst story you have ever written?
Oh god, don't remind me... <.< I once started writing a FF about Hitsugaya Toshiro from Bleach and my OC Natsusaki Kumiko. God, it was so cheesy and my OC's such a Mary Sue, I should kill her with fire. |D

4. Do you write poetry? If so, do you write songs or just poetry?
Nope. =3= Tried it once. I was all like: I have no idea what I'm doing. OuO It turned out to be a bunch of shit. |D So I threw it in the trash and it was never ever seen again. <w< >w>

5. What's the best thing that has ever happened to you?
I don't know. Maybe that I found out about RPing? Yep, that could be it. \o3o/

6. If you're into anime who do you like as a pairing?
Shizaya, Psychedelic, Viroppi, SebaCiel, Cielois, Grelliam, NaLu, GaLe, IchiRuki, UlquiHime and many more. ouo

7. If you're into video games, who do you like as a pairing?
Video game pairings... hm... I don't think I have something like that. =3= Though, I once saw a picture of Dante giving Nero (Devil May Cry 4) a bj. And god that was so sexy. |D

8. What video games do you play? (LIST! LIST! LIST!!!!!) If you don't play video games, what video games would you like to play?
I love Sacred, Secret of Mana and The Legend of Zelda. O3O

9. What's the most amusing thing that's ever happened to you during a chat or a RP?
Oh god, fucking short-term memory. |D I really can't remember. There are so many awesome and hilarious moments, I can't tell which one was the most awesome.

10. If you're in a Roleplaying group, how did you discover them? If you're not in a RP group, would you ever want to be?
I found them thanks to this awesome Kuroshitsuji RP group. o3o

11. First character you ever RPed, did you like RPing them? Would you RP with them again?
It was fun RPing Grell, but I'm more into the Durarara Fandom atm, so meh. =3=

Okay, now the questions asked by :iconpwinsesducky: o3o

1.If you roleplay, tell me are you similar/different to your character in real life? (if you don't roleplay then tell me what character you think you are most like?)
I can be like Psyche sometimes, yes, but I'm not as pure and innocent as him. My mind's too dirty for that. XD

2.Is age just a number?
Depends on the situation, I guess. I mean if a 19 year old and a 29 year old (my sister and her boyfriend) fall in love with each other, it's no problem at all, in this case it's just a number. But if it's a 12 year old and a 17 year old (this bitch from 7th grade and my ex, at least that's what she claimed.) it's just... I don't know. |D

3.What is your OTP?
I can't decide between Shizaya, Psychedelic and Viroppi. >3<

4. If you was a pirate, what would your name be?
Madam Strawberry! \o3o/

5.Describe yourself in one word.
weird |D

6.Who is your favorite Durarara Character? why?
Izaya! He's such a crazy asshole and he often acts quite childish, that's what I love about him. XD

7. where are you from?
Germany o3o/

8. If you roleplay, tell me why you picked the character you roleplay? (if you don't roleplay tell me what character you would like to roleplay and why)
Because Psyche is adorable and innocent and I wanted to see of that role fits me and BAM! I was told that the way I RP him is awesome. :'D Iishsuchahappypancake ouo

9.In your opinion, who is the sexiest Male anime character?
Izaya. Especially when he's wearing glasses. *¬*

10.In your opinion, who is the sexiest Female anime character?
Hm... I never thought of that actually... uh... maybe Namie? Or Rangiku from Bleach. Maybe Erza... I don't knooow! \O^O/

11. What is the motto you live your life by?
Depends on my mood. Most of the time it's "Fuck everything!" |D

K my questions, bishes! \OuO/

1. What do you think about Creepypasta? \o3o/

2. Do you love Anime OSTs? OuO

3. What's your favorite beverage? =3=

4. What cake flavor do you like the most? ouo

5. Taste the rainbow! \O7O/

6. Most adorable emoticon here on dA:

7. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Magical sparkles~!

8. Who's your favorite Vocaloid? \ouo/

9. Pancakes or cupcakes? =7=

10. White, milk or dark chocolate? ouo

11. Let's just fuck everything and skip through a flower field! \>7</

Aaand now to my victims! eue

:iconlordtaunis: :iconmeneerizaya: :iconbambily: :iconaretiartist: :iconszeyi:
That's all. ouo

Have fun! \O7O/
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: All the music I have on my lappi on shuffle! \o7o/
  • Reading: this
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: with my hair, because I can! \=7=/
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: strawberry soda, like omg that&#039;s the shit!


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Natsu x Lucy Stamp by whiteflamingo Natsu x Lucy Stamp 3 by whiteflamingo :thumb176384292: Fairy Tail - Natsu x Lucy 2 by coffeefanatic3462 Edo-Natsu and Edo-Lucy Stamp by Fannochka FT Edo-Natsu and  Edo-Lucy Stamp by Fannochka Gajeel x Levy Stamp by whiteflamingo Gajeel x Levy Stamp 3 by whiteflamingo Gajeel x Levy Stamp 2 by whiteflamingo FT Gajeel and Levy Stamp by Fannochka :thumb176382822: Jellal x Erza Stamp 2 by whiteflamingo Stamp - Natsu's smile by Nyfaline :thumb145729116: Fairy Tail - Lucy 3 by coffeefanatic3462 Ft Lucy Stamp by Fannochka Baby Happy - stamp by Hele-Jaguar Happy Stamp by ZombieGirl01 Grey Stamp by Dante-DS Stamp: Gray is Embarrassed by uzukun89 Erza Scarlet stamp by YuikoHeartless
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I love rain at night sramp by ohhperttylights Dark Humor Stamp by Drake1 I love black stamp by violetsteel I love pink stamp by violetsteel Hot Pink Black Stamp by Blackshadowbutterfly Sarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01 The Early Stamp by Busiris I Hate School by Davidgtza2 :thumb155355351: School teachers by prosaix Mind Stamp by jenepooh I Like Broccoli Stamp by SerpentineCougar Stamp - Chocolate! by MauserGirl I Love Chocolate by Sophibelle POTC: Jack Sparrow by Claire-stamps Jack Sparrow Stamp by RogueLottie He's A Pirate by azianwolfdoll RWJ stamp by wLadyB91 Man vs spider by CookiemagiK Comment Stamp by Blackie0275 I Love OCs- Stamp by FakeWings18 No Respect by MegSyv OC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-Chan
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Once more I tagged you :D
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Oh damn. ovo'' I haven't been on dA for months and I don't think I'll ever be active again on here.
Sorry, but I'm not gonna do it. ; u ; )
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Thank you! X3
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Wieder getagged! xDD

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Ohje, hehe. Ich machs vielleicht demnächst irgendwann mal, wenn ich lust hab. OvO
Thank you for the watch!! :meow:
Strawberry-Zelda Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*hugs* No problem, Saku-chan. X3
Lynx-Tiger Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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